We can complete all required data for:

1094 and 1095 B&C Forms 
We generate the forms, including code determination.

Faster IRS Electronic Filing
Our proprietary software will transmit your data directly to the IRS for faster processing.

Dedicated Call Center Support
We stand by our work and are available to answer any of your questions.

PDF Format Forms Archiving
We will archive and store batch files for your future reference.

Hard-Copy Mail Service
We can mail 1095 forms directly to your employees, eliminating the need for you to stuff and address envelopes.

Variable-Hour Tracking and Savings
You shouldn’t pay tax penalties for employees when you don’t need to. Our approach for your seasonal and variable-hour employees could save you money, avoid government fines and potentially keep employees eligible for government subsidies on the exchanges.

Data Resubmissions
Individuals often find that their forms need corrections after being created.  We can manage resubmissions that allow for corrected data to be submitted and new forms to be created and sent back to the employee.

What Some of our Clients have to Say About Our ACA Reporting Services

I’m pretty busy, and we have a small HR department. So it’s often hard to keep up with the changing requirements of the Affordable Care Act. It becomes a bit of a burden to find time for filling out the tax forms and to do it correctly. That’s why we’ve reached out to Cornerstone Group. They’re more up-to- date and knowledgeable about the ACA than we are and help us ensure we do things the right way and on time. Also, they already have the necessary software, so we don’t need to worry about learning it ourselves. Anytime I have a question, they have the answer. They’re always updating me on what’s going on with the ACA, changes in the act, and what we need to do to comply. The people at Cornerstone are great. They’re knowledgeable and know what they’re doing..

Route OneHuman Resources Manager

“Our industry has a high turnover rate—about 300 percent a year for security guards. We don’t have thesystem internally to develop ACA reports on that many employees, determine their eligibility and generate the forms, and it would be cost-prohibitive for us to do so. Therefore, we called on Cornerstone Group to manage our ACA filings. They’ve been our benefits broker for some time, handling all our insurance, so this was a natural and seamless extension of their services. Cornerstone developed 1095-C forms for our workforce of nearly 2,000 employees, filing and delivering them before January 31. Their efforts saved us a lot of time and money. Most important, we were sure it was done right. Accuracy is key, and we had peace of mind because Cornerstone had done such great work for us before. Cornerstone is in the forefront of the constant evolution on the benefits side of things. Their ability to cut through the perceived gray areas and do what’s right for their client is one of their great strengths. It was a huge benefit for us.”

Guardian AlarmDirector of Human Resources

“We needed to do Affordable Care Act calculations for 500 to 600 employees in six locations, with a breakdown of everything employee-by-employee. We chose Cornerstone to help us manage the sheer size of this and to meet the time requirements for filing. I worked one-to-one with two Cornerstone staff members who gave intelligent and well-thought-out responses to everything I asked, focusing on the impact that various actions might have on the business. Together, we went through the entire year with information on each employee, calculating their eligibility. Other firms I researched merely furnished a spreadsheet to complete, without a lot of guidance. Cornerstone counseled me, was very proactive and really exceeded my expectations.

“At the end of the process I had a timely and accurate filing of all the required forms, and it was all done at a significantly lower cost than other providers would have charged me. The people at Cornerstone are very capable, offered exceptional service to me and tailored their consulting with me to enhance my business operations.”

Bar LouieGeneral Counsel