Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) updates
An employer has little control over whether it will be audited by the Department of Labor.  However, an employer can take steps to help minimize its exposure to a DOL audit.  We will create and make timely updates to your SPD to reflect legal and plan-design changes.

COBRA Notification and Billing Services Made Easy
Understanding and complying with COBRA requirements can be very time consuming, and the laws are still developing.  To assist your company in complying with these regulations, Cornerstone has associated with third party administrators who provide COBRA notification and billing services.  Administration is processed directly between the third party dministrator, your company and your employee.

FMLA and HIPAA Tutorials
Understanding these regulations is difficult and time-consuming.  We provide educational materials on a vast range of topics.

Valuable Monthly Agency Newsletters
We email newsletters to our clients to provide health care reform updates and other industry-related news.

Personalized MyWave® Portal
MyWave® is your personalized website that allows you effortlessly to click, connect and communicate with Cornerstone Group.